Common HMRC scams to watch out for

As anyone who submits a tax return will know, HMRC commonly sends out a number of texts and emails reminding you to fill out your tax return and pay the tax you owe. However, fraudsters are aware of this too and often use the self-assessment deadline to try to dupe potential victims. HMRC acknowledged more […]

HMRC trial: intelligent text messaging

HMRC is trialling sending SMS text messages to some individual callers to its helplines, directing them to online services and guidance. ICAEW is concerned that some taxpayers will get stuck in a ‘loop of doom’, making repeated calls and not being put through to an HMRC adviser. From 19 January, callers to HMRC’s income tax […]

HMRC campaign targets income from online marketplaces

Letters are being sent out to taxpayers from the week commencing 16 January that invite recipients to correct their tax affairs, where necessary, by making a digital disclosure. This HMRC campaign is being aimed at two specific population sets; namely those who have earned income from: online marketplace sales; or creating content on digital platforms. […]

HMRC issues certificate of tax deposit reminders

HMRC has been issuing letters to remind taxpayers to use certificates of tax deposit (CTD) before the scheme closes on 23 November 2023. HMRC has been issuing letters to remind taxpayers to use certificates of tax deposit (CTD) before the scheme closes on 23 November 2023. The CTD scheme historically allowed taxpayers to deposit money […]

HMRC relief statistics: costs in line with tax receipts

The annual release of tax relief statistics, published on 12 January 2023, shows a significant rise in the cost of some reliefs. However, overall, the percentage increase in cost between 2020/21 and 2021/22 was less than the increase in tax receipts over the same period. The report shows that the total cost of non-structural tax […]

HMRC to clamp down on tax refund companies with shady practices

HMRC has announced a series of measures to ‘better protect’ consumers from unscrupulous third-party tax refund firms, following a 12-week consultation looking into the companies last year.  While many firms operate transparently, a Which? investigation found some companies were charging fees as high as 48% of any rebate you receive, and found instances where the details […]

HMRC to introduce more controls over repayment agents

The government will legislate to ban the use of deeds of assignment and introduce other measures to address problems with repayment agents. Care will be needed to avoid unintended consequences for chartered accountants and tax advisers. In its response to the consultation Raising standards in tax advice: protecting customers claiming tax repayments, the government has […]

HMRC announces delay to the closure of CHIEF system

The system will now close to export declarations on 30 November 2023. HMRC has announced it will delay the closure of its Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system, which is used to identify goods for checks at the border. The system was due to close to export declarations on 31 March 2023. […]

HMRC interest rates for late and early payments increase again

As HMRC interest rates are linked to the Bank of England base rate, its 15 December increase from 3% to 3.5% has triggered another increase in rates for late payments and repayment of tax. HMRC has announced increases to both interest charged on late paid tax and the rate paid on repayments of tax. These […]

HMRC restricts use of ADL in January

HMRC is asking agents to use the agent dedicated line only for complex self assessment queries during January 2023. ICAEW is disappointed with this decision. HMRC has emailed agents to explain that from 1 to 31 January 2023 the agent dedicated line (ADL) will only answer “complex” self assessment questions, but there is no explanation […]