Highlights from the broader tax news for the week ending 22 February 2023, including: nudge letters for R&D claimants; HMRC’s stakeholder conference; and reminders from HMRC’s latest Agent Update and Employer Bulletin.

HMRC prompts R&D tax relief claimants to check their claims

Letters were sent to 2,024 companies towards the end of January 2023 to advise them that members of their sector are being targeted by third parties to make inaccurate claims for research and development tax relief and that they should therefore check that their claim is complete and correct.

HMRC stakeholder conference

ICAEW was well represented at the HMRC Stakeholder Conference: Creating Solutions Together on Thursday, 16 February. HMRC’s First Permanent Secretary and CEO, Jim Harra, and Deputy Chief Executive and Second Permanent Secretary, Angela MacDonald, met with over 200 stakeholders. Their opening speeches are available to watch.

The themes of the conference included tax simplification, digital transformation, short-term solutions to customer service challenges, working with agents and other intermediaries, creating a border that promotes growth and small business compliance.

Income record viewer

In Agent Update 105, HMRC confirms that agents can send the same link for the income record viewer to all their clients, but that links expire in 21 days from when they were created.

Budget payment plan

In Agent Update 105, HMRC promotes its budget payment plan that may be of interest to taxpayers whose returns and payments are up to date. Taxpayers not up to date with their payments may need to consider time to pay.

Agent accounts

Also in Agent Update 105, HMRC has corrected information in a previous edition about the VAT services available in the agent services account. HMRC also clarifies how to update agent and client designatory details.

Employer bulletin

The February edition of HMRC’s Employer Bulletin contains articles on:

  • reporting advances of salary;
  • changes to Basic PAYE Tools and PAYE Desktop Viewer;
  • student and postgraduate loan thresholds from April 2023;
  • how to help employees with income tax relief for employment expenses;
  • getting ready for the National Minimum Wage rate increase; and
  • Martyn’s Law, public venue operator requirements.

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