Make time to pay arrangements online and avoid calling HMRC

Taxpayers that cannot pay their tax bill on time can set up a time to pay arrangement with HMRC. ICAEW’s Tax Faculty highlights the circumstances when this can be done online for self assessment and PAYE. Setting up a time to pay arrangement online for self assessment (SA) has been possible for several years. The […]

How to avoid losing access to your agent account

Failing to respond to an innocuous looking letter from HMRC can end up with your agent account being blocked. ICAEW’s Tax Faculty explains how to avoid this trap. HMRC periodically writes to agents to ask them to confirm who supervises them for anti-money laundering (AML) regulation purposes. It is not clear what triggers this check […]

6 tips to file your tax return by midnight and avoid a £100 fine

The final deadline for self-assessors to file their 2021-22 tax returns is midnight tonight – failing to do so could result in a £100 fine. Last week, HMRC said it was still waiting for nearly 3.4 million people to file their returns. While many will have done so by now, there is often a last-minute […]