ICAEW’s Tax Faculty members provide comments on the European Commission’s legislative proposals.

The EU commission recently consulted on its legislative proposals to implement its VAT in the digital age (ViDA) package. The commission made proposals for a directive, a regulation and an implementing regulation with respect to the introduction of its proposals. 

The ViDA package covers: 

  1. VAT reporting obligations and e-invoicing;
  2. the VAT treatment of the platform economy; and
  3. the single (place of) EU VAT registration. 

Based on feedback from members, ICAEW’s Tax Faculty made comments on all sections of the proposals in ICAEW REP 28/23.  

The faculty focused on the timelines proposed for implementation of the proposals and suggested that the lead-time be extended for the introduction of EU-wide obligations.  

The faculty also noted a couple of areas of the legislative proposals that needed further clarification, including a request for a definition of ‘platform’ to be included in the legislation. 

The EU commission is expected to publish a summary of responses in the coming weeks. 

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