The Tax Faculty takes part in many HMRC engagement forums, one of which is the additional needs working group (ANWG). The ANWG enables dialogue between HMRC and interested parties regarding taxpayers and agents who may need additional support to access HMRC services.

The ANWG was set up to support equality and access across HMRC services, in line with HMRC’s strategic objectives and responsibilities under the public sector equality duty. The ANWG contains participants from charities, professional bodies and other government departments.  

HMRC already has measures in place to provide extra support for those who need it. This includes people who may have a health condition or personal circumstances that make it difficult for them to contact HMRC using mainstream channels. 

The ANWG seeks to gather insight into the experience of those with additional needs who need or want to access HMRC services. This helps to inform the development and improvement of HMRC services, and helps participant organisations to share best practice.  Among other projects, the ANWG has provided input into HMRC’s digital inclusion guidance, which will be used throughout HMRC to inform design and implementation of services.  

Currently the ANWG is seeking feedback into the following projects: 

The Tax Faculty would be grateful to receive feedback or suggestions for discussion topics from any ICAEW members who have additional needs, or who have clients who have additional needs. Please send your comments to Mei Lim Cooper. 

More information about the working group can be found here.  

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