The first phase of the service to make border processes simpler will be available for public use in 2024.

What is the Single Trade Window? 

The Single Trade Window (STW) is an upcoming service that will provide a gateway between businesses and UK border processes and systems. It will allow users to meet their import, export and transit obligations by submitting information once, and in one place. 

The STW will bring together a range of border services. For example, users will be able to apply for licences to trade in the same platform as they submit their customs declarations. This should reduce duplicate processes and simplify data requirements. 

Any business that imports or exports goods to and from the UK will be able to use the STW. Customs intermediaries, agents, hauliers and carriers will also be able to use it. 

When will it be available? 

The STW is being built in phases, with a series of releases adding more functionality and improving the user experience over time. The first release, strategic release one (SR1), should be built by the end of 2023 and will be available for public beta testing from March 2024. While the STW is being developed, traders will still be able to meet their customs obligations using existing processes and systems. 

SR1 will focus on building the foundations of the STW. As well as registration for the STW, SR1 will enable users to make entry summary declarations and customs import declarations. It should also include a dashboard with key notifications and simple error messaging. 

SR1 will be delivered through a user interface. It will not interact with existing third-party software products. Users will not be able to use software to interact with SR1, but existing software will continue to work with other government systems such as CDS. 

How to get involved 

It is vital that businesses get involved with the testing of the STW to ensure it meets user needs. Businesses that import or export can volunteer for the private beta phase by emailing Intermediaries, agents, hauliers, fast parcel and express operators, software developers and carriers can also register an interest in the private beta phase in this way. 


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